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Environmental analysis

ELECTRONIC TONGUE has been successfully applied to the analysis of the model groundwater with the composition typical to that of abandoned uranium mines and containing different inorganic substances and humic acid, which is a typical product of wood degradation. The sensor system can determine multiple ionic and complex species, including content of different valence forms of uranium and iron U(IV), U(VI), Fe(II) and Fe(III). The work has been performed together with German colleagues from FZ Rossendorf.

Analysis of uranium

The sensors used in ELECTRONIC TONGUE system, in particular chalcogenide glasses, can display some unique characteristics, which are very useful for environmental control. It is possible to measure the content of toxic free copper ions in the seawater of San Diego bay at the extremely low picomole level. Simultaneous determination of several ionic toxic components using the ELECTRONIC TONGUE is in progress. The work has been performed together with US partners from SPAWAR, San Diego and Australian colleagues from Curtin University, Perth.

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