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Electronic tongue

Electronic tongue is an analytical instrument comprising an array of non-specific, low selective chemical sensors with partial specificity (cross-sensitivity) to different components in solution, and an appropriate method of pattern recognition and/or multivariate calibration for the data processing.

Of primary importance is the stability of sensor behavior and enhanced cross-sensitivity, which is understood as reproducible response of a sensor to as many species in solution as possible. If properly configured and trained (calibrated), the electronic tongue is capable to determine quantitative composition (the content on multiple components) and to recognize (distinguish, classify, identify) complex liquids of different nature. A unique feature is the possibility to maintain a correlation between the output of the electronic tongue and human perception.

After an approapriate calibration the electronic tongue can produce results in the way a human sensory panel does: as marks or assessments of various simple and complex features of taste and flavour of different products. The electronic tongue can easily 'taste' raw substances, semi-products and also new entites that are not yet allowed for human consumption.

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