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Experimental set-up

The device consists of the following parts:

- The sensor array comprising non-specific sensors. There are different versions of electronic tongues in the project group - desktop and mobile, static (dipped in a liquid) and flow (with the liquid pumped through a sensor cell). All these devices have being developed in the project team.

- Multi channel electronic interface device. It is a specially designed high impedance hardware, which reads the sensor output converts them to digital form and sends it to a computer.

- A PC is used for data acquisition, storage and processing.

No sample preparation is usually done. When some sample preparation is necessary, we prefer the simplest possible one, e.g. mashing of fruits, chopping of flesh food, etc., with following dilution by the distilled water and immediate measurement.
Typical analysis time is less than 10 minutes, including the measurement itself and the data processing.

Have a look at our prototypes!

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