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What we are doing

We are developing the electronic tongue. For this purpose we are doing the full set of scientific, applied and application specific research. We are designing and preparing new sensing materials, chemical sensors and sensor arrays, we are doing different kinds of the data processing, we are developing the procedures of application of electronic tongue, we are developing precise methods and specific devices for the needs of various end-users, we are making fundamental, applied and commercial projects dealing with different kinds of sensors, sensor systems and electronic tongue.
We are avoiding fresh prepared artefacts; our results are may be unusual, but well reproducible.

The concept of the method has been developed together with Italian partners (laboratory of prof. D'Amico) from the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" Most of the sensing materials, sensors, sensor arrays, analytical procedures used in the electronic tongue project are originally designed, developed and applied in the electronic tongue project team in the Laboratory of Chemical Sensors of St. Petersburg University. Many features of the data processing as well as many specific applications has been introduced together with international partners.

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